3 Effective Ways To Kill Weeds In Your Garden (Chemical-Free)

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Which ways to kill weeds? Where do I start? These things are the plant pests of the world, and they can become a major problem if they aren’t dealt with properly. Luckily, in this blog, you’ll find out 3 war strategies you can use to fight back.

So without further ado, let’s begin..


Yes. That’s right. Vinegar will kill almost anything in its path, so keep this in mind when using this solution in and around your garden.

This solution would be best if you were looking to tackle weeds on your block paving driveway or patios. This is because it can affect the soil where you spray it. Furthermore, this can result in the soil becoming damaged, and therefore not much will be able to grow there in the future.

Just keep in mind where you’re going to use these solutions before impulsively going out there and spraying them everywhere.

Removing By Hand

This is the most obvious solution to clearing weeds, and it’s still really the most effective way of doing it as you’re removing the whole weed rather than removing what you can see.

By removing the whole weed, you remove the possibility of it growing back in the near future.

Additionally, the grass will grow back into the spot where the weed was pulled because the soil fills out to remove the void that has been left.

Removing weeds by hand is always the most effective way to get rid of them, so long as you keep on top of them, your lawn and garden will be weed-free.

Boiling Water

Tap water will do for this instance; just begin by boiling your kettle and then using this on the weeds around your property. This is one of the most commonly used methods in driveways and walkways, when the weeds grow in between slabs.

You can even add some salt to the boiling water for even more of an effect. The salt works by dehydrating the plant, and therefore it ends up killing the weed.

Make sure you take care when pouring the water because you don’t want to attack other plants and flowers with this. Also, you can hurt yourself by accidentally pouring it over yourself!

You now have 3 cost effective ways of removing these garden pests. Alternatively, if you’re struggling to keep up with your weed-killing tasks, click the button below and book a consultation with myself so we can tackle the task together!