Gardening Services In Liss & Surrounding Areas

Below you can view all of our gardening services in Liss & surrounding areas. If there’s any other services you desire and you don’t see them listed below, get in contact with us and we can discuss it further.


Lawn Care

The lawn care services we provide allow you to enjoy your garden to full effect, whether that’s by yourself, with loved ones, or with your friends. Be sure that Acer Spades Gardening will assist you in achieving the greatest garden possible. Not only are we able to mow your lawn, but we can also provide precise lawn edging to the exact shape you desire.

Gardening Services In Liss, One of the many lawns completed from our garden services.

Pressure Washing

Build-up on furniture, decking, patios, and driveways can be a real pain; don’t restrict yourself from enjoying what you paid and worked hard for. Our pressure washing services will restore different areas of your garden to their original state, bringing all those colours and patterns you once desired back to fruition.


Hedge Cutting

Knowing where to start with hedge cutting can eat away at your mind. We assist in putting your mind at ease by producing high-grade hedge cutting to keep your hedges looking pristine and smart. We not only make sure your hedge is looking pristine and smart; we also value keeping the area clean and tidy.

hedge trimming is one of the garden services used to improve the outside space.


Fully customise the plants you have in your garden with our planting service. Pick from an array of plants to give your garden a vibrant and warm feeling. We can also make suggestions based on our expertise, sparking thousands of ideas in your mind. 

Gardening Services In Liss, Some lovely, colourful flowers from a clients garden.


We understand how irritating weeds can be, so we tackle them frequently to make sure your weeding is completely up to date. These plant pests are always at the forefront of our minds, allowing us to spot them right away and take action immediately. Never worry about these small pests again, as we provide full removal wherever they are in your garden.

Demonstrating our weeding service, Gardening Services In Liss


Do you have any unwanted branches on a tree or plant? Not to worry; Acer Spades Gardening provides full pruning services to suit your garden. No matter what tree or plant size, shape, or thickness, we have the tools to tackle any pruning job. We not only prune different types of trees and plants, but we also make sure there are no loose stems or branches lying around your garden, leaving your garden spick and span.

Gardening Services In Liss ,An example of pruning a branch/stem, another one of our garden services.