How To Maintain Your Garden In Winter Months With These 3 Jobs

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Today you’ll learn how to maintain your garden in winter months, and with winter fast approaching, you don’t want mountains of garden work to be done when it finally becomes warmer again.

Today you’ll be learning how you can minimise the mountains of jobs needed to be done in spring. Furthermore, these jobs won’t eat up your time, but they will keep your garden looking tidy with minimal effort.

Mowing Your Lawn

This isn’t applicable in all situations; however, if you can see your grass is still growing and is therefore long, you should consider cutting it. However, before you cut it, you need to make sure that the conditions are correct. Here is a general rule of thumb if you are to cut your lawn.

  • Use a high-cut setting on your mower.
  • Never mow if the ground is very wet, soft, or even frozen.
  • Avoid mowing your lawn during cold spells, too.

You may not need to mow the lawn at all, but if you do, be sure to follow these rules so you can ensure your lawn is cut safely.

General Tidying

Of course, autumn is going to bring down all the leaves, and for you big garden owners, sometimes the constant clearing can become too much.

Tackle an area at a time, starting with the sections that are most visible when you enter your back garden. This will allow you to still enjoy a tidy garden, even if part of it isn’t. But because you’re tackling the areas that you can see, it still allows you to enjoy the parts of your garden that you can see when you’re inside the house.

After this, you can then tackle areas that you can’t necessarily see from your house. Begin by clearing the areas that allow you to get around your property, such as a walking route to a side gate, for example.

Then you can get to work on clearing the areas of least importance; this will keep you working methodically while removing the risks of mounted debris in used areas.

It’s also a good time to clean any pathways from moss and other debris, especially used pathways that are from paving slabs. This is because if there’s moss on there that becomes wet or frozen, it can be a dangerous slip hazard.


Things such as fruit trees are dormant from November to March, so this is the best time to start pruning them back to be ready for spring when they come out of their dormant stage.

Remove damaged and dead branches and trim any that are interfering with other branches. This can be applied to all pruning activities across your garden.

Make sure that you are doing your own pruning and that you use sharp and good tools to complete the job.

You should have an easy winter in terms of garden maintenance. If you keep this job up, you can be sure that your garden is fully maintained until the spring.

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